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Welcome to my site! I've almost got most of the page layout fixed up, but it's still under a bit of construction. So sorry about any broken links or pictures! ...Did the world really need yet another Hanson site? Probably not. But it's just my little way of showing appreciation for my favourite band, hope you enjoy it!

Latest Page Updates
05/26/00 - Oh my, I've really let the page go this time! It's been a month since the last update, I've just been REALLY busy lately. Hopefully that won't happen again, but Hanson's just everywhere again and it's hard to keep up with! :)

04/25/00 - Yah! I finally got a half decent page layout! Sorry about that picture to the side thats so blury, I'll try to fix that soon. By this weekend I should have a bunch more pages up.

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2000 - All layouts, ideas, ect were a creation by me, Laura ( Please don't take, please ask! I'm sure I'd be happy to help you out.

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