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Smash Hits

Do you snore?

Taylor: Everybody snores a little bit, I guess. But nobody's a big snorer in this band.

Zac: I've talked in my sleep once, but...

Isaac (interrupting him): Zac's done it a couple of times. It's quite funny.

Taylor: Sometimes, people do a few weird things in their sleep, but we never do anything really odd. Zac sometimes gets up and walks out of the room. He'll go to the bathroom, come back and not remember it the next day. But that's not that weird.

Have you ever been in hospital?

Zac: I was born in a hospital. (Rethinking) No, actually, I wasn't, I was born in our house.

Taylor: We've not had our tonsils out or anything. We've only been in hospital to see people and have check-ups. I did break my arm when I was 12, though. I was going down a hill on my bike when I slammed on my brakes, flipped over and landed on my arm.

Isaac (impressed): He did three flips before he landed!

What's your favorite item of clothing?

Zac (helpfully): Erm, clothes!

Isaac: Shoes!

Taylor: I'd have to go with boxer shorts. (They all laugh.)

Zac: My blue and white biker pants. I got them in New York. They're from Diesel. I've been wearing a boiler suit too! Someone gave me it and I thought, ‘Why not!’

Taylor: He thought afterwards he could go on the freeway and repair a few cars. (Laughs.)

What country would you most like to go to?

Taylor: The United States! (Laughs.)

Zac (loudly): Er, Mars!

Taylor: That's another world, but...

Zac (louder still): The moon!

Taylor: We've been all over south-east Asia, all over Europe...

Zac (yelling): Saturn's rings!

Taylor (gently kicking Zac): Zac! I guess Africa would be a really cool place to go.

Isaac: That'd be awesome.

Taylor: What we've seen so far has exceeded any of our expectations. Most people don't get to see what we have in their entire lifetimes. We're lucky.

What's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?

Zac: Um, a light bulb?!?

Taylor: You go to Paris and you see Notre Dame and the river Seine. You go to the Louvre...

Zac: Yeah, the Louvre! (They argue about the pronunciation for a bit.)

Taylor: The glass pyramid in the middle of the Louvre is pretty amazing.

Isaac: Pretty cool.

Zac: I wanna climb it, and then fall through with a parachute….(goes a bit barmy) Ya! Ya! Cool! (Responding to his brothers’ disapproving looks) OK, I’ll be quiet.

What does success smell like?

Zac (loudly again): Like your armpit!

Isaac: Yeah, like your armpit! No, success has absolutely no smell.

Zac: It's not important in our eyes. All that matters is making music.

Taylor: People ask you what it's like when you’re successful and it's kinda like when you have a birthday. It's amazing.

Isaac: But you’re still the same person that you were. It doesn't change you in the slightest. The fact that you've gotten this opportunity...

Taylor: ...should make you more appreciative!

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